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TianJing (TJ) is a graduate of the Beijing Language & Cultural University in BEIJING China in 2007-2008, holding both qualifications in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Graduate Certificate in Chinese Theory, Culture, Methods & Fundamentals.

Topping her class of 2007 with the score of 90.5% in the Mastering of Teaching Chinese as a second language Hanban Standard Exam (

After migrating to Australia in 2012, TJ quickly saw a need to make learning Chinese as a 2nd language more fun and easy, thereby she has developed Good On U to do just that.

Tj class in TPS
Tj seen here in class using “”

And Tocumwal Public School has been the perfect example that her teaching methods work, as after 2 terms all her students are having fun learning and singing in Chinese, with even some classes wanting more and moving on to her Level Two Chinese Lessons… enjoy…
Learning Chinese is fun and easy with 田静 TianJing Zeng (TJ).




TJ teaching 2008
Teaching class
beijing classmates
Some class mates in Beijing 2007
Professor Liu Guanghui 刘广徽 famous throughout China as the “Mother of Chinese Language”

Tj is more than just a Chinese language teacher, she is also  the author for How to invest in Australia property – Best Investment Tips , and holds both the New South Wales and Victoria’s Certificates from the Australian College of Professionals in Real Estate Representative and Property Services

But Tj’s experiences does not stop there, just recently in Northern Territory she has worked on translations for the Angkerle Aboriginal Corporation at Standley Chasm

Other past translation has been for;  ZhongGuoLu (On the Road to China),,,, Trax2 Designs, Trax2 Personalized China Travels, Trax2 Maps, how to catch and book China Trains trips

China travel toursAnd from 2001-2012 had her own Personalized China travel business organising and taking individual tours, highlight of which in 2005 Canadian Westworld magazine featured her in one of their travel articles.




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