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Greetings – nǐ hǎo – zài jiàn

Chinese Level One – Lesson 1


Hello ni hao

More on nihao nihao ni hao lets all singalong

nǐ hǎo : Listen and repeat…


How are you

nǐ hǎo ma? 你好吗? |  wǒ hěn hǎo 我很好 > Listen and repeat…

Good Bye – See you later


zài jiàn 再见 > Listen and repeat…

Tj's Chinese Lesson 1 - Level 1
Ask Tj how to download the exercise files…

Download a pdf of Tj’s Chinese Level One – Lesson 1


NEXT WEEK’S Chinese Lesson
>> nǐ jiào shén me? 你 叫 什 么?
(What is you name?)



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