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You, me, I – Introductions


Chinese Level One – Lesson 2

You (nǐ), me, I (wǒ)

you and me learning with our Chinese language teacher

Lets YOU (nǐ)  and I (wǒ) learn together with our new Chinese language teacher
>> Now it’s your turn to >>  Listen and repeat…


Lesson 2   第二课   dì èr kè

Lets learn Chinese togetherWhat is your name? | Nǐ jiào shén me? 你叫什么? ||
My name is Mínglì  |
Wǒ jiào Mínglì   我叫明丽 ||

Now you go ahead and introduce yourself too…

My name in Chinese is Mínglì - mingli

Download a pdf of Tj’s Chinese Level One – Lesson 2


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